Vive la Peau Swiss Kit (Box Set) (46% off)

CHF109.50 CHF60.00

1 × MSK23 - Soft Make-Up Remover Facial Gel Premium size miniatures (30ml)
1 × MSK22 - Smooth Balancing Tonic (30ml)
1 × MSK10 - Clarity - Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator (15g)
1 × MSK20 - Doctor Defendo - Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream (15g)
1 × MSK27 - Smart Tone Color Control Correction Cream SPF 30 (15g)

Restore sparkle to skin that has lost its glow. Doctor Defendo draws out your hidden beauty with a phenomenal stem cell formula, designed to perk up skin and get it glowing again. Skin feels alive as it blooms with radiance and exudes vitality.

Product Set Details:

MSK23 – Soft Make-up Remover Facial Gel

A refreshing cleansing gel for thirsty skin packed with plant extracts and vitamins to effectively clean and remove make-up. It’s Swiss so edelweiss extract is present in this product.

MSK22 – Smooth Balancing Tonic

Made with Swiss Alpine salt that helps to detoxify and purify the skin as well as restoring the natural pH level.

MSK10 – Brightening Cleansing Exfoliator

2-in-1 mild, cleansing exfoliator is designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits with glycolic and lactic acids.

MSK20 – Doctor Defendo Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream

At the core of this formula is Beaubelle’s PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex which uses all-natural, anti-aging properties, including the vital energy of botanical stem cells to renew, repair and regenerate so your skin glows with freshness and vitality. Even sensitive skin loves this cream.

MSK27 – Smart Tone Color Control Correction Cream SPF30

The latest generation in UV protection. This formula is smart enough to adapt to any natural skin color tone and correct skin flaws and acts as a superior make-up primer. Besides doing the job of shielding the skin from harmful UV & infrared rays optimally, it also promotes and increases skin hydration.


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