Doctor Perfector – Flash Lines Away (20g)


Activated by lift-pro+ concentrate made of 100% pure and natural swiss milk protein, Doctor Perfector targets lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between brows and crow’s feet. A potent content of hyaluronic acid relaxes wrinkles and fills in the lines. instantly smoothing expression lines, while helping to prevent skin irritation and defend against future expression lines.

2 phase makeup remover


Wrinkles and fine lines.







Provides targeted delivery of ingredients to block communication that causes expression lines to form. Encourages skin tightening action, preventing contraction and providing quick relaxation. Wrinkle treatment. Helps defend against future lines.

Satin smooth essence cream.

Lift-pro+ concentrate – made of 100% pure, natural milk protein.  Milk is a white and sweetish substance that enables to transmit life and to guarantee a good start in growth.  A natural raw material rich in proteins.  A precious food resource which provides all the main intakes of vitamins and minerals.  It is a vital food that gives many essential elements to the body in order to be in great shape.

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Lift-pro+ concentrate is an active ingredient that conforms to ecocert standards as it keeps all the native properties of milk intact.  It creates an immediate tensor film on the epidermis, produced by covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions.  Improves cellular cohesion by the proteins cross-linking and maintaining the stratum corneum equilibrium.
It enables the creation of a ‘mechanical lifting’ while tightening the tissues and making skin younger and firmer.
It is particularly efficient on specific face areas such as crow’s feet, lips contour and forehead. Due to the absence of casein in this milk protein, and the very low level of lactose, it is extremely soft and respectful with the skin.  Good for all skin types. //
sodium hyaluronate – hyaluronic acid (ha) sodium salt is a high molecular weight substance which belongs to the group of glycosaminoglycans and consists of repetitive disaccharide units (glucoronic acid and n-acetyglucosamine). Ha is produced by the fermentation of a selected streptococcus sp. Bacterial strain. Thanks to its strong swelling properties, ha sodium salt is capable of storing extremely large water quantities. On the skin, it forms a moisturizing, visco-elastic, non-sticky, air and light permeable and thus invisible film. Ha optimizes the water balance, whereby the skin becomes smooth, more elastic, reduce irritation and the influence of environment on the skin. In this doctor perfector – flash lines away, the ha has large molecular size of 1,300,000 to 1,800,000 that provide instant moisturizing effect on the stratum corneum. On the other hand, large ha molecules appear to suppress local immune response and inflammation. By the similar logic, the predominance of large ha molecules on the stratum corneum sends a signal that the skin is intact and defense and/or repair are not required.


After cleansing, toning and serum application. Apply on area affected by  wrinkles, lines and droopy skin after the moisturizer and massage in gently using facial yoga steps, around the eye and lip contour areas and also the forehead. Immediately apply a suitable moisturizer after applying this product.


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