Doctor Oxygen – Extraordinary Skin Repair Concentrate (30ml)


A powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, detoxifying, pore and fine lines minimizing skin serum that prevents and reverses the signs of aging. The effectiveness of this unique skin repair concentrate lies in beaubelle’s oxyqi, based on the ‘qi’ life force of oxygenation and a complex of botanical stem cells. Doctor oxygen maintains the health of skin cells in good times, and switches into power mode to protect them from damages during bad times, to give you brighter, rosier, translucent skin.

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Mitochondrial dna protection
48% reduction in common deletion due to uv exposure. The common deletion, a form of mitochondrial dna damage, has been associated with skin diseases and chronologically aged skin and can be induced by uv irradiation.

Oxygen consumption enhancement
71% increase in oxygen consumption by fibroblast cells. Increased oxygen consumption is linked with improved skin health. Cellular respiration is the process of oxidizing food molecules, such as glucose, to carbon dioxide and water. The energy released is converted in atp, which can be stored and used by cells.

Atp production induction
12% (normal conditions) and 48% (under uv exposure) increases in atp production in fibroblast cells. Atp is the main cell energy currency necessary for all vital processes. It is one of the end products of cellular respiration and is used by enzymes and structural proteins in many cellular reactions.

Anti-wrinkle efficacy
15.8% decrease in skin roughness compared to the initial measurement after 30 days. Skin elasticity and smoothness improved.


2 phase makeup remover


Mature skin. Lines and wrinkles. Puffiness. Lack of energy and vitality.







Effectively and efficiently prevents and reverses the signs of aging.  Improves cell oxygenation, repairs and renews skin.  Helps to improve tissue oxygenation and smoothens out wrinkles.  Moisturizing and hydrating.  Helps to detoxify skin tissues and reduce skin puffiness.

Rich serum that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Oxyqi – beaubelle’s exclusive complex of two unique botanical stem cells.

The first derived from a natural mixture of bioactive tripeptides and naturally occurring carbohydrates of nicotiana sylvestris stem cell culture.  The extracellular matrix of plants is very similar to that of animals.  Indeed, the major structural protein of the plant cell wall has sometimes been called “plant collagen”.   This natural blend of peptides and sugars derived from the partial hydrolysis of the extracellular matrix (cell wall) of cultured plant stem cells is a powerful anti-free radical agent and a dna guardian as it induces new collagen production and protects the existing collagen from degradation, as well as boosting atp levels, for a 360° anti-aging effect.

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The second is from the highly nutritious dolichos biflorus plant which is a rich source of protein.  Dolichos species have strong antioxidant power and proven beneficial effects on human health for the treatment of hypercholestrol, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.  Based on our extensive scientific knowledge of dolichos, we have developed oxyqi which contains dolichos biflorus stem cell extract to delay the signs of skin aging.

Oxyqi is an innovative active that has a global action on youth genes, fights photo-aging and protects the mitochondria which prevents and reverses premature aging due to ultraviolet (uv) radiation and reactive oxygen species (ros).

Oxyqi protects skin from premature aging by:
• shielding skin from damages due to free radicals and uv radiation
• helping protect and preserve the skin genome’s integrity
• extending cellular vitality and longevity
• reinforcing the extracellular matrix
• boosting skin energy levels
• measurably reducing wrinkles
• noticeably improving skin smoothness and elasticity
• protects the “power stations” (mitochondrial dna) of skin cells
• stimulates cell respiration by inducing oxygen consumption
• enhances atp production
oxyqi induces the expression of the most important genes associated with cellular lifespan, sirt1 and sirt6 as well as boosting mitochondria longevity by inducing sirt3 expression.
fagus sylvatica bud extract – extracted from the beech tree (fagus sylvatica l.), which personifies the natural balance between power and grace.  This majestic variety of leafy tree matures after 60 years, and often lives to be 200-250 years old, which is the reason it is often called “the ever-lasting youth tree

“gemmotherapy” Is derived from the latin word gemma (meaning bud) and is based on taking advantage of the high potential actives hidden in the buds.  These are the embryos of plant life, and contain highly energetic actives:  Numerous hormones, flavonoids and peptides, such as phytostimulines, which stimulate cellular metabolism and results in the transformation from dormant stage to bloom.

Harvesting occurs at a precise stage of the development of the tree during a very short period, one or two weeks, when the tissues are particularly rich in phytostimulines.  In order to optimize the extraction process and to guarantee that the composition of the final extract would be exactly the same as the fresh plant, it is not subjected to enzymatic degradation because of a unique stabilization process derived from the technology of ultra high frequencies.  This process does not rely on the addition of other chemicals or solvents as it maintains the fresh plant’s original characteristics.

This active improves oxygen consumption by the fibroblast cells.  Increases keratinocyte protein synthesis, which leads to the formation of various nutritional aids and regulating peptides.  The presence of additional regulating peptides strengthens the epidermal structure which contributes to a smoother superficial cutaneous microrelief.  Also, fillagrin and other proteins accumulated in the stratum corneum help to retain water in the corneal layer through an osmotic effect.  This leads to a moisturizing effect.
sodium hyaluronate – strong moisturizing and film-forming properties.  The hyaluronic acid film helps preserve the most important characteristics of youthful and healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone.
caffeine – helps detoxify the tissues, thus reducing skin puffiness.
tocopheryl acetate, ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl palmitate – maintains healthy skin through their antioxidant and moisturizing properties.
squalane – provides a uniquely silky feel.  It gives a superbly smooth and fresh sensation with excellent pore minimizing and fine lines filling properties.


Apply a.m. and p.m. After cleansing and toning. Massage a thin layer over face, followed by the appropriate moisturizer.


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