Doctor Defendo – Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream (50g)


Stem cells are known for their fantastic healing properties. In humans, animals and plants, stem cells have the magical ability to self-renew indefinitely, and can potentially regenerate an entire organ from just a few cells. At the core of our doctor defendo formula is beaubelle’s exclusive pharmacure stem cell complex, which is based on the regenerative and healing powers of botanical stem cells. These all-natural, anti-aging properties, including the vital energy of the botanical stem cells are harnessed to increase cell metabolism and to encourage your skin cells to renew, repair and regenerate so your skin glows with freshness and vitality. So, when some people are described as ‘full of life’, it is sometimes because of the life force emitted from their healthy skin. Anti-inflammatory efficacy
36% and 30% decrease in transcription levels of inos2 and cox-2 enzymes in skin cells in the presence of lps, an inflammation inducing compound. Both these enzymes are related to the inflammatory processes in the skin. This corresponds to a reduction in the inflammatory response.

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Free radical protection
52% reduction is ros production in skin cells under oxidative stress, thus showing good free radical scavenging and antioxidant activities. The inflammation process in the skin is linked to the production of reactive oxygen species in the cells.

Soothing effect
clinical tests have demonstrated that the efficacy in the short term to reduce the erythema value due to uva and uvb induced-irritation is 5% while in the long-term, the efficacy to prevent irritation phenomena caused by uva and uvb radiation is a 6.42% reduction. Thus, this shows an immediate soothing effect and a long term protective activity on skin.

Anti-wrinkle efficacy
15.8% decrease in skin roughness compared to the initial measurement after 30 days. Skin elasticity and smoothness improved.


2 phase makeup remover


Mature skin. Dry and dehydrated skin. Dullness and loss of radiance.







A pharmaceutical grade renewing balm, that helps improve wound healing, barrier functions, skin renewal and cell regeneration. Protects skin against water loss and free radical damage.  Antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing, repairing and stimulating virtues.  Hydrates and improves skin tonicity.  Delays skin aging.

Rich moisturizing cream.

Pharmacure stem cell complex – contains 2 botanical stem cells.
The first derived from a natural mixture of bioactive tripeptides and naturally occurring carbohydrates of nicotiana sylvestris stem cell culture.  The extracellular matrix of plants is very similar to that of animals.  Indeed, the major structural protein of the plant cell wall has sometimes been called “plant collagen”.   This natural blend of peptides and sugars derived from the partial hydrolysis of the extracellular matrix (cell wall) of cultured plant stem cells is a powerful anti-free radical agent and a dna guardian as it induces new collagen production and protects the existing collagen from degradation, as well as boosting atp levels, for a 360° anti-aging effect.

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The second is from raspberry cultured stem cells (rubus idaeus leaf cell culture) which have strong free radical scavenging capacity.  However, raspberry extracts are highly variable in terms of quality and quantity of actives because different varieties and parts of the plant have very diverse levels of antioxidants and other compounds.  Ours have been obtained from the stem cells of the best raspberry cultivar to overcome the high variability of traditional extracts.  Plant stem cells are totipotent and are able to express all the genes which are differentially activated in each plant organ (fruit, leaf, flower, seed, etc.).  The antioxidant profile of our raspberry stem cells shows its richness in phenolic acid and flavonoids, the most abundant being ferulic acid and quercitin ramnoside, as well as in anthocyanins, including ellagitannins, ellagic acid-derivatives and pelargonidine glucoside.

Pharmacure stem cell complex fights inflammation and particularly chronic inflammation which offers the double benefits of soothing the skin and contributing to the prevention of premature skin aging.  Immediate soothing effect and a long term protective activity on the skin.

Pharmacure stem cell complex shields the skin from extrinsic aging by:
• reducing the inflammatory response
• preventing oxidative damage
• protecting and repairing dna
• enhancing cellular longevity
• helping protect and preserve the skin genome’s integrity
• reinforcing the extracellular matrix
• boosting skin energy levels
• measurably reducing wrinkles
• noticeably improving skin smoothness and elasticity
phamacure stem cell complex significantly reduces dna fragmentation and induces the expression of the most important players in dna repair and cellular protection such as gadd45α, sirt1 and sirt6, the sirtuins being also associated with cell longevity.  It also significantly reduces the production of reactive oxygen species (ros), increases atp levels and provides a complete shielding effect on cell functionality for a wide range anti-aging efficacy.
saccharide isomerate – 100% natural with natrue certification and ecocert approval plant active ingredient derived from wheat.  Provided deep hydration and reduces skin irritation.
retinyl palmitate, niacinamide, panthenol, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, tocopheryl acetate – this complex has antioxidant, moisturizing and soothing virtues. //
chondrus crispus powder (carrageenan) – provides water retaining and film-forming properties. It helps preserve the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone, whilst offering soothing benefits. //
butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) butter – favours cell regeneration and thus efficiently delays skin aging. It also has softening, moisturizing and restructuring virtues.


Apply a.m. and p.m. After cleansing, toning, conditioning and concentrate application as a moisturizer.


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