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    Shipping & Returns

    The order will be carried out at the very latest within thirty (30) days following the day after confirmation of the order by the Buyer. List of delivery zones and tariffs:

    Country  Shipping Tariff Free shipping from
    Switzerland  Economoy Postage CHF 6.50 CHF 40.00
    Switzerland  First Class Postage CHF 12
    • Your satisfaction is our priority. We will happily accept returns in accordance with the follow Return Policy:
    • Kindly email us the details of your complaint at speak to a Customer Service Representative and receive your return authorization.
    • Beaubelle can only accept returns of merchandise purchased from our website products purchased from other sites / platforms will not be accepted.
    • We accept returns, if you have received a damaged product or the product that was sent that does not match with your order. The item should be return unopened (unless the item was already in defective or damaged condition) and its original packing, with all accessories, within 48 hours once parcel is received.
    • Beaubelle reserves the right to charge a replacement fee if above return guidelines are not met. But to maximize customer satisfaction, Beaubelle will very much appreciate if you can contact us

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