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    Beaubelle a Swiss Skin Care Brand. Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre @ FCC SA Switzerland

    Researches, develops and produces its skin care products in Switzerland.

    A piece of Switzerland

    Headed by its managing director, Fortunato Torre who is an “A” level member of Swiss Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Swiss SCC) which is the highest level of membership. Beaubelle is also listed as a SKW (The Swiss Cosmetic and Detergent Association) member’s brand.

    Our R&D team comprising of cosmetic chemists, wellness experts and skin care professionals conduct extensive research with the aim of developing unique technologies to bring about skin health to enable the process of aging joyfully. One of Beaubelle’s breakthrough achievements is the method of purifying Swiss Alpine Spring Water from the glaciers of Switzerland while maintaining its natural freshness which is a fusion of science and nature for the most superior skincare formulations.

    The method of manufacture, packing and storage used at Beaubelle manufacturing facility complies with international manufacturing standards and CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices) laid down by: Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Bern Switzerland Cantonal Laboratory, Lausanne, Switzerland Community law (European Council Directive 76/768/EEC) Colipa (The European Cosmetic and Toiletry Association), Bruxelles, Belgium IKW (Industrie Körperflege und Waschmittel), Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland.