Brand Promise

The skin is a manifestation of a person’s wellness.  So, even though we are a skin care brand, we don’t rest on our laurels once we’ve found the secret to a good skin care formula. We take into consideration all the other elements, particularly stress, that affects skin health. This is what makes Beaubelle different.  At Beaubelle, we believe in holistic and harmonious solutions that involve integration of body, mind and soul.  Sure, you can have beautiful looking skin the quicker and non-holistic way, but to have sustainable skin beauty, there’s no other way.

Holistic skin rejuvenation is our core brand philosophy. For us, this simply means being aware that the total must equal more than the sum of its parts. We put this to practice daily, from the R&D stage to production to how we advise and treat our clients.  With one end goal, to deliver body mind and soul harmony.

Beaubelle promises Body Mind & Soul Harmony through our Holistic Skin Rejuvenating 4Rs Principles – inspired from nature’s 4 seasons

Spring: Renew, Summer: Revive, Autumn: Rebalance & Winter: Relax.

Spring (Renew)
– for Vitality

  • New growth bursting with vital energy, with the melting of snow
  • Everything is being Renewed from a quiet phase of life
  • Renew the skin with high potency actives for vitality

Summer (Revive)
– for Qi Flow

  • Reviving season where growth continues to be dynamic and lively
  • The flow of life uninterrupted and intense
  • Revives the skin’s Qi Flow with oxygen-activating products

Autumn (Rebalance)
– for Purity

  • Produce is harvested and the useless ones are discarded
  • Nature begins to Rebalance itself to prepare for rest
  • Rebalance the skin with efficient skin preparation products for purity

Winter (Relax)
– for Calmness

  • Season of Relaxation
  • Peace, calm and quietness, to be ready for another new cycle
  • Relax the skin with delicate aromatherapy and pampering products for calmness