Beaubelle: Our Harmonious Heritage

Beaubelle swiss skin care brands, launched in 1995 is the pioneer in providing holistic skin rejuvenation through health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products for the harmony of body, mind and soul.

“Life’s true happiness achieved, when you have the harmony of body, mind and soul.” – Ruby Siah, Founder of Beaubelle

True happiness will lead to both internal and external beauty!

Swiss Skin Care Experts



BEAUBELLE’s Swiss skin care brands was born to combat the onslaught of stress brought about by lifestyle demands of today.

We often find ourselves giving less than adequate attention to our well-being which affects our skin health and accelerates the aging process.

As a skincare expert since 1983, it became glaringly apparent to Ruby that there are many skincare brands out there offering mainly symptomatic skin solutions, but none that helped and healed skin holistically.

Flustered but more determined than ever, she set out to create a brand of swiss skin care products, with a distinct treatment concept that integrates the harmony of body, mind and soul that will work on the root causes of skin issues for lasting results.

Ruby was humbly raised in Malaysia, a country where different races live together peacefully, so the notion of Harmonious Living was inculcated from young.

Passion for the Best Swiss Skin Care Brand

Putting this unique concept into reality, Ruby collaborated with a panel of top scientific experts in Europe to form Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre SA in Switzerland.

Dedicated to the research and development of Beaubelle formulations for its range of Swiss skin care brands.

Beaubelle products merge the riches of nature with the most advanced dermal science know-how.

Our inspiration comes from Europe, A region rich in premium skincare heritage especially Swiss made skin care manufacturers.

Our passionate search for the best Swiss made, health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products will guide you through a holistic sensory experience that touches the body, mind and soul. As a way to help you cope with the many lifestyle demands of today.

A Respected Leader and Recognized Industry Expert

Ruby’s expertise and experience have brought her to the world stage.

Recognized as Malaysia’s “Country Expert for Beauty Care”, she has been appointed as a judge in the World Skills Competitions in Switzerland, Canada and the UK and was appointed as a chief judge for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Skills Competition for the beauty care profession.

As an Ambassador for the maturing beauty industry, foresight and current apparent acute shortage of professionals in the Beauty industry that are not just taught by apprenticeship but to understand the delicacy of each point of our anatomy.

Ruby was naturally prompted to close the current social gap where demand exceeds supply for services of de-stressing by Professional knowledge based treatments methodology.

It was an easy choice that she also started an Academy that had accolades and been awarded many honest merit won governmental and social projects and grants to improve its facilities.

Beaubelle Academy is the current leading education provider in cosmetology infused with managements education for a complete entrepreneurial preparation.

Global Success

Beaubelle is today represented in 30 countries (now) through business partners that share the same belief.

Our holistic skin rejuvenation concept has received tremendous recognition and acceptance worldwide. This global success is built upon the multitude of positive testimonials and supports we receive from satisfied users.

Our passion, creativity, belief and philosophy that a harmonious balance of nature and dermal science would be the focus for the brands’ innovations, have paved the way for the Beaubelle of today!

“Life’s true happiness achieved, when you have the harmony of body, mind and soul.”

– Ruby Siah, Founder of Beaubelle