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"Aroma-Chroma Oxygenating" Face Treatment

Fusing chromotherapy, aromatherapy and oxygen therapy to treat specific skin conditions, it is truly a first in the world concept for holistic facial rejuvenation.

"3D Gold-Caviar Lifting" Face Treatment

Luxury meets science. A face treatment comprising of precious caviar extracts, 24K gold and peptides for an unsurpassed face lifting result. Its non-surgical face lifting technology is spectacular.

"Swiss Chocolate Total Indulgence" Face Treatment

Beaubelle has created a jubilant and indulgent chocolate treatment for the face to bring about joy, stress-relief and anti-aging benefits. Deliciously Swiss!

"Swissceuticals Oxy-Peel Skin Renewal System" Face Treatment

A revolutionary combination of oxygenation enhancing ingredients and glycolic acid peeling that is safe and effective. Available in innovative product texture and presentation.

"Swiss Oxygen" Face Treatment

Power-up skin's metabolism with oxygen enhancing products to increase skin's micro-circulation for more radiant and fresh looking skin. Look younger in a flash.

"Multi Vitamin Spiruline" Face Treatment

Spiruline is known to be the most complete non-animal protein food. It is packed with essential nutrients that help in remineralizing the skin and boosting skin functions. An anti-oxidant rich treatment to nourish the skin nutritively.

"Biovegetal Enzyme" Face Treatment

An effective dead skin cell scavenger treatment using natural papain (papaya enzyme) and bromelain (pineapple enzyme) for smooth and silky skin complexion.

"Whitening Rose-Rutin" Face Treatment

Wide-spectrum, wellness, whitening. Harnessing the floral power of the expensive rose flower combined with a host of scientifically proven ingredients and anti-oxidants to combat pigmentation.

"Swiss Organique" Face Treatment

Using Swiss BIOCOSC certified ingredients in this unique formula with Swiss spring glacier water to effectively soothe, calm and hydrate the skin.

"SPAROMA Acu-Aroma Reflexology"

This is an east-west approach to harmonizing the body, mind and soul using acupressure reflexology on specific energy points on the face. Combined with our SPAROMA products, it helps to overcome skin conditions by unblocking trapped energy and releasing any stress that maybe the cause of the problem.

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