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"Cleopatra's Fantasy: Troves of Gaia’s Treasures" Body Spa Treatment

Cleopatra lived in ancient Egypt, an area where milk, honey and pearls were abundant. So, Beaubelle has consolidated the ingredients and beauty rituals from this area in a body spa ritual that will surely make you feel like royalty, besides giving your body fairness, smoothness and suppleness.

"Mermaid's Gift: Sea, Spiral & Spirulina" Body Spa Treatment

Harnessing the benefits of marine plant life, Beaubelle has developed a unique body spa ritual that helps in the detoxification and purification of the body to result in a fit, balance and svelte body contour.

"Swiss Chocolate Total Indulgence" Body Spa Treatment

Beaubelle has created a jubilant and indulgent chocolate spa treatment for the whole body to bring about joy, stress-relief and anti-aging benefits. Deliciously Swiss!

"SPAROMA Acu-Aroma Reflexology"

This is an east-west approach to harmonizing the body, mind and soul using acupressure reflexology on specific energy points on the body. Combined with our SPAROMA products, it helps to overcome body conditions by unblocking trapped energy and releasing any stress that maybe the cause of the problem.

"Warm Bamboo Qi Flow: The Essence of Body Fitness Spa" Treatment

Bamboo therapy combining with Beaubelle's selected treatment products are perfect for body detoxifying and body slimming. It helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Gives a more toned and firm body texture.

"Sea Shells Therapy: Sea Serenity,Rich Hydration Body Spa" Treatment

Liberate your body, mind and soul with the soothing serenity of the sea waves and sea shells. Richly rehydrating and relaxing. Rebalances and recharges the whole body. Very comforting, soothing and calming Beaubelle products are used for this treatment.

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