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Gorgeous - Multi Defence Total Protection


A rich, rejuvenating cream containing 5 major active ingredients, the NEW Gorgeous – Multi Defense Total Protection acts at diverse levels of the skin to effectively suspend and reverse the signs of time.

• Skin cell metabolism is boosted.

• Skin’s natural cellular turnover is accelerated.

• Tired skin cells are given the energy they are lacking.

• Skin reacts better with more vitality and conserves its energy for enhanced resistance to fatigue.

• Skin is guarded from environmental damage cause by free radicals.

• Dry and dehydrated skin is protected with round the clock hydration.

• Aging is decelerated.

• Skin takes on a silky, healthy, balanced and radiant complexion.

• After one month application, skin is 3 times firmer and 4 times more toned. 

Active Ingredients

*Chronodyn - Stimulate skin vitality and energy.         

*Oligominerals - Energy and hydration.                      

*Nano gold and silk - Anti-aging active, promotes skin cell metabolism and anti-free radicals.                  

*Photo-reflecting agent - Resist effects of photo-damage.           

Recommended Regimen

For dehydrated, very dry and fatigued skin, apply A.M. and P.M. after cleansing and toning, conditioning and concentrate application. Massage evenly over face in upward motion. 

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